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We feel that it is important to welcome patients warmly to Barnham Manor to make them feel comfortable, well cared for and happy to make them and any family and friends feel at home.  The nursing role is to assist patients in the maintenance of their self confidence, self esteem and dignity at all times and to promote their overall wellbeing.

smiling residents in garden

This care is achieved by Nurses and Auxiliary staff using their judgement and experience in assessing patients’ motivation and abilities and identifying areas in which patients’ need our assistance accordingly.  To ensure continuity we use the Nursing Process of Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation from which to plan the care given to each individual patient.

Ropers Modelaughing residentl of Nursing is implemented at Barnham Manor, incorporating the Twelve Activities of Daily Living to ensure that every aspect of the planned care is delivered at a all times.  Nursing and Auxiliary staff work on a Team level which enables staff and patients alike to form good relationships and helps to maintain our homely environment.

Ultimately, each member of staff understands and supports that whatever is required by the patients and family in terms of care, should be given in the same way or manner that they themselves, or a loved one of theirs, would wish to receive it.

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